If you are experiencing issues with water accumulation inside your house from rainstorms, the problem might be your kickout flashing. Kickout flashing or diverter flashing is designed to divert rainwater away from sensitive areas to the gutter.

If your kickout flashing is missing or improperly installed, it could lead to water accumulation and even damage to your outer walls.

There might not be any visual signs of damage even if it is serious, but there might be water stains showing on the exterior wall.

Kickout flashing is essential wherever the exterior wall and roof intersect as well as where the outer wall continues past the lower edge of the roof.

It can also be a problem when the flashing isn’t watertight or installed at a correct angle. It is also possible that the flashing was removed because of aesthetic concern.

Ensuring that your kickout flashing is installed correctly can save you from costly repairs.

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