Your family needs to have a plan in place that takes into account the abilities of every member of the family. This is especially important if you have young children or seniors in your house. Make sure that you have drills so everyone knows how to act when there is a fire.

Don’t ever ignore your fire alarm. Don’t expect someone else to check on the reason why the alarm is going off. There is a possibility that the fire might be in another room of the house and the other members of your family have passed out from the fumes.

Stop drop and roll. We have all heard that expression so many times, but it is easy to forget when you are in an emergency situation and catch fire. Running around while on fire will most likely just make the situation worse by spreading the flames.

Call 911 as soon as a fire starts that cannot be easily contained. You might think that you can handle the situation, but this is definitely a case where it is better to be safe than sorry. Professional Fire-fighters have training to deal with fires, and they can help minimize the loss of property and life.

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