When you were a kid, were you afraid of your attic? If so, it’s understandable – attics are usually pretty dark, damp, dirty, and can be dangerous for kids. Now that you’re an adult, though, you know that it’s not that bad up there. In fact, you probably haven’t thought about your attic in a long time. However, attics can be the source of a fairly large number of common household issues.

For example, pests like rodents and insects love to make their homes in the attic. That dark, cozy space is an ideal nesting location. However, pests can eat through insulation or wiring, causing energy loss and even fire. HVAC ducts typically run through attics, and damage or disrepair can cause significant heating and cooling loss in your attic. These are just a couple of common issues that can happen inside your attic. The good news is that issues like these are very easy to spot for a professional home inspector using a thermal imaging camera.

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